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So excited and satisfied by the food offered!
Bindu Madan Prakash

We heard about Anjappar through our friend, and were we glad!!!

I am 5 months pregnant and my craving for nice spicy authentic South Indian food was so high. Being a foodie and having lived in Bangalore and visited Chennai, I was never satisfied by the food offered in other Indian Restaurant in NJ.


The whole family could enjoy it.
K Family

We had been eagerly waiting for the opening of Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant in New Jersey. It gives us all another South Indian flavour amidst all the restaurants. New Jersey has a lot of Indian restaurants with different regional cuisine coming into play each one vying to capture the taste buds.


Worth the wait... Thanks for opening Anjappar Restaurant in New Jersey.
Sam & Friends

When we came to know that Anjappar restaurant opens in New Jersey, the temptation was to go on the first day itself. We decided to wait till they settle down since all the restaurants go through turbulence in the first week.